Nebraska Revised Statutes 84-1407 through 84-1414





Friday, December 16, 2022 beginning at 9:00 a.m.

First Floor Hearing Room

Nebraska State Office Building

301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, Nebraska



Although the meeting will be held in-person, any member of the public can join the meeting “virtually” via Webex by clicking on the following link:, or by copying it or typing it into the address line of their web browser.  The event number (access code) is 2485 549 1739.  The event password is NPRB12-16-22.


When joining you will be prompted for your name and email.  This information is used only to identify you as an attendee.  If you wish to remain anonymous, you may enter your first name as “Public”, your last name as “Attendee”, and your email as


If you wish to make comments during the meeting you will need to click on the “raise your hand” icon and you will be required to identify yourself for the record once the host unmutes your line.


If you wish to listen to the meeting via telephone only, dial 1-408-418-9388 (not toll free).  Then enter access code 2485 549 1739.  Press # to continue without an attendee ID.



1.         Roll Call of Board members.


2.         Review and approval of the minutes from the November 18, 2022 meeting.*


3.         Review and acceptance of the expense report for November 2022.*   


4.         Consider approval of the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District’s Petition for Charter Amendment 6.  The amendment would merge the Dawson Public Power District into the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District, change the location of the District’s headquarters, and rename the District as the Platte River Public Power & Irrigation District.*   Charter Amendment - Central NE PP&ID #6 (Merge with Dawson PPD & Change Name) (Oct '22) (1) Scan of Petition.pdf


5.        Consider the Petition to Dissolve the Dawson Public Power District charter.  This action will terminate the existence of the Dawson PPD, contingent on the Power Review Board’s approval of the District’s merger into the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District.*   Charter Amendment - Dawson PPD Dissolution (Oct '22) (1) Petition to Dissolve.pdf


6.         Consider approval of Guidance Document 16.  The document would set out the Board’s interpretation of whether and under what circumstances the Board has jurisdiction over mobile generation sources.*   Guidance Document 16 (Mobile Generation) Draft 2.5.docx     Guidance Document 16 (Mobile Generation) Draft 3.docx 


7.         Consider approval of submitting a request to the Nebraska Power Association setting out additional issues to be addressed in future editions of the Annual Load and Capability Report.*   


8.         Consider whether the Board would sign on to a concept paper submitted by a group of state utility commissions in response to a Funding Opportunity Announcement issued by the U.S. Department of Energy to partially fund transmission projects under the Grid Resilience Innovation Partnership program.*


9.         Executive Director’s report.


  1. Update on Southwest Power Pool activities.


10.         Adjourn.*


*  Action item.  A vote is scheduled for or possible on this agenda item.

Note:  This agenda is subject to revision.  It will be continually updated until it is made final approximately one week prior to the meeting.  Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 84-1411, the Board reserves the right to amend the agenda up to 24 hours prior to the meeting.