The  Nebraska Power Review Board's Rules of Practice and Procedure were last revised in 1989. The Rules are available in their entirety as a PDF document by clicking on the link in this paragraph. For your convenience, the Board's application forms and related documents can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on the links below. All documents are available in Word format.

 Click here for the Board's Rules of Practice and Procedure

When Using These Forms

Some forms have a grey text field and brief instructions where it is necessary for the user to input information. When a user clicks on the grey text field it will become darker grey and you may begin typing in your information. The grey text field and instructions will disappear when the user begins typing in information. It is important that the user edits the information on the forms for his or her own situation. When the grey text field is not necessary it should be clicked on to delete it before printing. For example, the docket number explanation should be deleted prior to printing. The following is a list of the forms that can be used for submission to the Power Review Board.

Appendix "B" Application for acquisition or construction of transmission line
Appendix “C” Application for acquisition or construction of a generation facility
Appendix “D" Consent and Waiver form
Appendix “E” Complaint
Appendix “F" Protest
Appendix “G" Reply (Used by utilities responding to complaints filed against them.)
Appendix “H" Completion Statement
Appendix “I"

Termination Statement

Notice for Privately Developed Renewable Energy Generation Facility